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i am research website support systems to daily basis ...
if you buy some software's or module or plugins or templates online be careful to buy ...
purchasing is not important .. support system is important.
today .. we reach website & check site support system
this site support system showing they always with your ... support available via ticket etc.
but technology never stop for you or me.
if you buy anything in software & after purchasing of your software technology change & your software stop working. what you do ?
you go to seller & seller say your support time is expire buy more support time & pay extra.
where is your own fault ? nothing ..... no ..... not is your fault its seller fault
because he & you know technology never stop /change any time so you need to update your software etc ... but stuck Pay more
so i advice you don't buy anything from modules, plugins etc. because i feel they greedy. provide you latest update greedy site
these are example to you ...... buy from genuine sellers always
thanks for reading

#phpfox #younetco #social-media #module #modules #plugins
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