About us.

Who are we? We are a community in this world comprising of people who want Name Fame Money and Security in life. We believe in the concept of living Life with fulfillment, without ever needing to ask for charity or alms from anyone, or losing our Self-respect by asking for favors. There shall never be a time when we shall be hungry or devoid. Hence with a cumulative effect we have started the project of Name Fame & money Security. All the people who believe in our belief system are invited to join us and be a part of this project.

The concept behind Name Fame & Money Security: there should be ample amount of money so that we are above the fret and worry of our daily needs. Everyone wants luxury in life and works hard to attain his daily bread. The contentment of earning your bread through sweat is sweet. You are aware of VivekJyoti.COM, those who are willing to join us, help us are invited in helping our family to grow, be stronger together, and be united. Everyone should try to affiliate people from all over the world who believe the way we do, and helping others finding contentment and happiness in life... The Family in return will help you with your problems and help you achieve your goals.

Once your objective of money security or fame has been attained, you think over why are you here? What is the objective of your birth? What can/ will you do in life, that your successors will remember you for ages to come? For this VIVEKJYOTI family has derived a plan lay-out, which you can read in "Our Mission" page. If you can attain to do something in life that thousands of men will remember you, who will bestow you with their blessings, and they remember you, only then is your life worthwhile. Billions of people are given birth, and they die without doing anything important in others life. This mission will join you towards acquiring this goal, so that you are able to help the mankind in distress with other members of the family. You will not be known by the name of your father anymore, but your father will be known by the good deeds you will be doing.

We should be able to make so much of money in our lives that God forbid, but if ever something happens to us, the members who rely on us for bread and butter should never need do ask for charity and compromise on their self respect. Is your current job capable of fulfilling this? We at VivekJyoti.COM say that you are the family and its members will stand by you and abide by you to fulfill the wishes that you want, all you need to do is to adjoin as many members as possible and help others .. Once you believe in the system the family members will help you fulfill your dreams, because every member here wants to help others in the family..

Believe in us to help us believe in you Smile

Thank You

Management Team