Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in his government work report that accelerating the improvement of the ecological environment, especially the air quality, is an urgent desire of the people and an inherent requirement for sustainable development. It must be scientific, tackling both the rules and regulations, and making efforts to surrender to the masses Answer.

2017 focus on the work of air governance, water and soil pollution prevention and control, promote ecological protection and construction of three areas. Among them, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions should be reduced by 3%; all out of the prefecture-level built-up area coal-fired small boilers; will accelerate the use of key areas in the six countries standard fuel; The report pointed out that this year will firmly fight the blue sky to defend the war.

Over the past year, China has made new progress in strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and green development. Formulate the implementation of ecological civilization construction objectives evaluation assessment methods, the construction of national ecological civilization test area. Intensive air pollution control, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides emissions decreased by 5.6% and 4%, 74 key cities fine particles (PM2.S) annual average concentration decreased by 9.1%. Optimize the energy structure, clean energy consumption increased by 1.7 percentage points, the proportion of coal consumption decreased by 2 percentage points.

Promote water pollution prevention and control, the introduction of soil pollution control action plan. To carry out the central environmental protection inspectors, severely punished a number of environmental violations, and promote the environmental protection work carried out in depth. In the 2017 key work tasks, there are 753 words talked about the ecological and environmental protection governance, which on the atmospheric environment governance has 480 words, more than 60%.

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