Herpes infections can truly hinder your way of life. Asking a friend isn't always the way to go, but seeking the right information on herpes infections can help you learn to prevent and treat it. The herpes type 1 and/or 2 cure options you're reading contains much information regarding preventing and treating herpes infections.

Make sure you dry yourself thoroughly after showering to avoid getting herpes infections. Moisture is a main cause of common herpes infections. If there is not any water for the herpes to grow, you will not get as many herpes infections.

If you wish to keep herpes infections at bay, dry your skin as much as possible after swimming or showering. Moisture is a main cause of common herpes infections. Without moisture, herpes will be less likely to grow.

Avoid anything scented near the genital area. Scented sprays, soaps and douches can increase the chance of a herpes infection. Scented tampons are something you are going to want to avoid all together. Don't use toilet paper that contains dyes.

Try eating yogurt. If you think you might be coming down with a herpes infection, start eating yogurt. Yogurt contains acidophilus cultures, which are healthy bacteria. By re-populating the genital tract with healthy bacteria, the bacteria that causes herpes infections is greatly diminished and the infection can pass more quickly.

If you are susceptible to herpes infections, check what you eat to see if it is the source of your problems. If your diet includes a lot of sugar, it can create an environment in your body that is prone to herpes infections. So, get rid of your poor eating habits to avoid herpes infections.

Although it may not be as common as a vaginal one, an oral herpes infection can occur. If this happens, make sure you see your doctor as soon as possible. If you suffer from this type of infection, consume cool liquid and rinse with saltwater.

Try eating yogurt. If you feel like you may be getting a herpes infection, start eating yogurt. Yogurt has acidophilus cultures that are a type of healthy bacteria. By adding healthy bacteria to the genital tract, it will start fighting off some of the things that start herpes infections in the first place, and keeps them from sticking around if they do develop.

Try to wear looser clothes. Skinny jeans and tight underwear can limit the air circulation around your vagina. While tight clothing may look good, they don't let your crotch breathe like it needs to. Without the ability to breathe, you are susceptible to a herpes infection. Choose pants that are light and airy for full comfort.

Although they are not seen nearly as much as vaginal herpes infections, the oral cavity is susceptible to herpes infection as well. Be sure to visit your doctor right away if you are affected. Home remedies meant to ameliorate the impact of oral infections include saltwater rinses and the intake of cold liquids.

Watch out for small scrapes and scratches. Even the smallest scratch or scrape on the vagina may increase your chances of getting a herpes infection. There are several ways to develop perforations including sexual activity and tampons. Why Do I Have Herpes And What Can I Do About It?
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