The California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General is the office in-charge of the safekeeping of California Criminal Records. The files are originally filed at counties where crimes are committed and then redirected to the Department of Justice. Citizens are given the privilege to request them by observing the appropriate methods required by the department. Criminal files normally include the name of the offender, nature of offense committed, and when and where it occurred.

Requesting criminal files is a move that is popular to people who initiate background checks on other individuals. In a widely populated state like California, it is highly difficult to keep all the citizens safe from criminals. But by giving the Free Criminal Records California public the right to get criminal files, they will be equipped with the necessary information they can use to protect themselves from criminals.


A search can be started by securing the Live Scan Form, which can be downloaded from the official website of the Department of justice, and providing it with all the vital pieces of information. The next step is to find an authorized Live Scan site to have your fingerprint scanned. A fingerprint card will be given to you, which you will submit to the department along with the completed request form and corresponding payment. The cost of fingerprint scanning varies depending on the location of the Live Scan site and is separate from the fee that you need to pay for the files.

Requesting for your own files is allowed by the Department of Justice so you can examine if there are any inaccuracies regarding the information included on your files. If you spot any inaccuracy, you can have it checked and/or fixed by filling out a Claim of Alleged Inaccuracy or Incompleteness form. Supply all the required information and send it back to the department together with your actual criminal file.

Requesting the files of other individuals is possible but not everybody has the right to do because the privacy of the files? owners is always taken into account. There are a select few that enjoy this right but it still depends on the situation. Law enforcers are given the right to acquire full versions of criminal files but only if it is needed for the investigation of a certain case. Employers and landlords have the right to secure the files because it is important that they get an idea if the people they are considering on accepting are not violators of the law. If a person who has access to other peoples files commits defamation, harassment, embarrassing or blackmailing other people, he or she will be punished appropriately.

If you are in need of California arrest files, the California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation 33915675733_58868737fc.jpg can help you. However, there is a fee for accessing the records. If you want to secure Arrest Records For Free, try if there is a public office that offers the files for free. You can also opt to go for online search tools that specialize in providing free arrest files to the public. Whether arrests lead to incarceration or not, they are always filed accordingly. Arrests that do not end up to an incarceration are not revealed to the public.
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